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fdiff March 12, 2024 4 min read


This movie talks about how artificial intelligence comes as a blessing but due to human intervention and the greed for getting more and more out of these robots, humans slowly and gradually lose their powers, making AI and robots more powerful than ever. While artificial intelligence and robots might seem programmed and something that’s completely under control, this movie shows that it’s far from the truth. Robots need to be programmed to serve  humans. Given too much power, robots can become the most dangerous thing in the world and even kill humans. This movie revolves around the fact that how too much power can end humanity in the hands of robots who have been programmed to kill and usurp power.


While this movie is about the power of artificial intelligence, it’s truly thought-provoking and might make you think about what the future holds if robotics and AI are not controlled or if we lose the remote that’s controlling AI. While AI is definitely a blessing, once you lose control, even a small robot can become a deadly instrument for mankind resulting in the end of the human race.

The movie starts with a bunch of teenagers visiting a hotel to spend quality time with friends and family. The hotel has a staff of humanoid robots who would be serving them at the table, and even at the reception. The movie shows how the kids and adults are enjoying the wining and dining at the hotel; Food and beverages are served and the smiles on their faces show their satisfaction. However, the problem arises when humans find that the robots are not programmed to cater to all their requests. Yes, the humanoid robots start to decline requests that they are not programmed for. At this point, the humans think that with time they will fix the programming so that all their requests and demands are served by the robots. That’s the moment from where the trouble starts.

As humans readily want more and more services from humanoid robots, they are programming the AI tools accordingly to serve their own interests. Little do they realise that as soon as the robots are gaining more power, their strength is increasing and their decision-making abilities are coming to par with humans – in short, the robots are becoming more powerful and have started occupying the space that was once reserved for humans. The robots have started doing human activities participating in dance shows and even dancing with partners. The activities of the humanoid robots start becoming so similar to humans that it’s troublesome to tell the difference between a human and a robot. Both start talking, nodding and behaving just the same.

However, things don’t just end there! Day by day humans give the humanoid robots power and things start to slip away from their hands. Robots now have the power to kill. While this might sound scary but it is the truth. Robots have been given power by humans and as they start getting stronger they start behaving just like humans. With different changes and shifts in programming, the robots start to learn new things and at the end of the movie, it’s seen robots sitting with one another, attending meetings and taking decisions.

While once upon a time, robots were just machines that followed orders, with the passage of time and with advanced programming, the machines gained as much power as a human and with advanced features, they hold the power, strength and desire to kill a human. The movie might raise an alarm and fear among the masses, how humanoid robots have the capability to kill humans if not controlled. While our demands for luxury and good living keep increasing, the robots have the power to turn the tables, if they are not guided in the right direction and controlled to make the right choices and be included in the correct activities.


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