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Hello Omid! It’s nice to have you here. Please give us a brief note about how your journey began in the world of films, movies and drama. What fueled your interest and curiosity in this field which later became your passion?

I have always been excited about creating a world through images, the main reason why I got
into photography. However, photography couldn’t enrich me. Watching films in the cinema
mesmerized me since childhood, and I wanted to be the creator of my own images, and
photography wasn’t enough for me to fulfill this dream. At the earliest opportunity provided, I
decided to create my own stories through cinema and film production.


What made you choose to make this film? While there is love at the backdrop, the film is about pure love too. What made you connect these two things?

At a certain point in my life, I was caught up in migration and forced relocation, and this idea
came to my mind. People in this region of the world have had forced migrations throughout
history, and this became the theme of making this film.
My perspective is different. On the surface, the film is about love, but the underlying layer is, in
fact, about war, the bitterness of war, and the impact of war.


What are the challenges that you faced while making this movie?

The main challenge was connecting with two teenagers who had tasted the bitterness of being
migrants and being impacted by war. I had to get close to them and understand how they
perceive love.


Do you think that the concept of this teenage love will have an impact on the audience and why do you think it would resonate with your audience?

All people who live under normal circumstances fall in love during adolescence, and every love
has its own challenges. In my view, love is an archetype, and telling stories of love is never


How would you describe the film in your own words?

In one sentence, wherever war appears, it first takes away beauty and love, and then achieves
its goals.


What do you think can stop a war?

Nothing can ever stop a war, but if anything can, it is human awareness.


What inspires you to make such movies that are thought-provoking to the core?

In my own country, there have been many tough political and social events, and I always
wondered why ordinary people have to suffer so much.


Have you planned your next film?

Yes, I am working on a new screenplay that is once again about children and war. A war


What were your emotions while you were shooting for this film? Do you have any memories?

The hardest moment for a director is the initial shooting moment, where you have to review
again and ask yourself if you want to do this?
Working in this medium is full of wonderful moments. The most challenging and interesting
memory was when two adolescent characters in this film had a quarrel and did not talk to each


Do you think this movie will create awareness amongst the people?

Inherent in art is awareness. If art is not enlightening, it is not art anymore.

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