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Interview | The Painting

fdiff March 02, 2024 5 min read

Do you believe in demons and spirits?

To some extent yes, but I don’t believe that according to popular beliefs, demons control our world or are freely present among us. My view on this issue is deeper and philosophical.


What inspired you to make this movie?

I believe in the existence of shadows in the human psyche, which are the result of our experiences throughout our lives. My inspiration was the way the shadows faced the light to create this story.


What does the painting depict?

The painting is an abstract picture of the shadow part of our being that is rough and black and hidden within us. We do not find it on the white canvas of our soul until we touch it.


You are from Iran. So, you must have heard interesting stories about fairies and jinnis. Is there any particular story that you would like to share with us?

Absolutely, In the folk culture and legends of the ancient world, especially the Middle East, there are many stories and legends about demons, ghosts and goblins, but the very interesting and real issue is that today in the south of Iran, people strongly believe in an inorganic creature called Zar. Which dissolves inside the person’s body and takes control of his life. It is more interesting that in the villages there are many people who have zar inside their body, as well as local healers or shamans who are called zar baba or zar mama they remove Zar from patient’s body through a special process. The ceremony of removing the zar from the body is very interesting and spectacular. Of course, I think this tradition has entered southern Iran from Africa.


The painting shows a person trying to call for help. Do you think that the demon wants help or was the painting depicting the misery of the demon’s last victim?

If we look deeper into the story, according to what has been said, it depends on what attitude we have towards our shadow, whether we intend to help and correct the dark part of our existence that we have ignored, or whether we intend to suppress and fight with it. Conclusion It is different, I have left the end of the story open.


Is there any cultural significance as to why demons are depicted in black in the movie?

The shadow is a direct result of the light, the more intense the light, the deeper the shadows and both complement each other. Black is the color of shadow, and it seems that according to legends, since demons are banished to night and darkness, we imagine them with clothes or dark colors like black.


Do you think that if the girl did not touch the painting she would have been saved from the situation?

This is a very intelligent question. Of course, according to legends, inciting demons brings misfortune because they are full of anger from being ignored and banished to the depths of the world. But if we believe in their existence, then they exist and they are the complementary half of our world, so we cannot ignore them and we will have to face them in many cases. From a psychological point of view, the shadow is the complementary half of the bright part of our psyche, and we are always faced with the choice of two ways: to face or to run away. I personally prefer confrontation and recognition because it is full of experience and requires a lot of courage. The beautiful girl tried to control her world without caring about the red lines, and her confrontation with the shadow that appeared on the clean and white canvas means accepting both aspects with complete courage.


“Put it back bitch” is what the demon ordered the protagonist. Do you think that if she placed it back, she would have been saved? Isn’t it better not to instigate the demon?

I don’t think so, the canvas was inside the house or in other words inside the private space of the girl’s residence and if it was ignored, sooner or later she would have to discover its mystery, in other words if today we ignore the shadows or the darkness They will not disappear only in our psyche or in the world, but soon we will be forced to accept and recognize their nature, although I believe that confronting them should be based on correct knowledge, otherwise it will cause irritation and disturb peace.


What was most challenging while making this movie?

The biggest challenge was creating apprehension and fear in a very happy, optimistic and unpredictable situation. I think the horror genre is one of the most difficult genres in the short film section, especially if it is a story with psychological themes.


Do you wish to make a sequel to this movie?

Yes, I will definitely do it as soon as possible.

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