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fdiff April 08, 2024 4 min read

Seeing the influencers smiling, laughing and talking about brands on social media might be a very engaging experience. Just like a novice, we listen to them and try to understand whatever they have to say. Most of us trust them blindly and purchase the products as advised, however, this movie is a reality check and shows the audience the sad reality of the life of a fitness influencer. Being an influencer might look cool and a fun job, but it’s far from the truth.  The life of a fitness influencer is not only stressful but has many ups and downs.  In this  movie,  Joe the character is an influencer and he portrays the character the best. He stresses about his number of followers, chases brand campaigns and strives to make a living by being an influencer, his world is stressful and he does his very best to gain popularity amongst the masses. The director very beautifully tries to connect Joe’s life with his work as an influencer and how he is steeped in crypto debt which makes things even worse for Joe.

The director Peter focuses on camera angles to bring out the emotions of the character. Joe is either resting on the edge of his bed or strolling around in his room. The director shows Joe in various camera degrees which tries to portray how stressed and helpless he feels as an influencer. His world is his phone and he tries to use his content and creativity to get noticed.The life of Joee isn’t easy, yet he tries to greet his followers with a smile, hoping that it would fetch him more followers, because of which he can again get brand endorsements that would help him pay the bills.

What makes this film special is that it has a contemporary touch to it and is very relevant to the real world. The life of an influencer isn’t easy and Joe the character portrays the emotions and the turmoil pretty well. However, the real credit goes to the director who has everything figured out and has very beautifully displayed the character, the issue and how fake social media can be. While many might think that Joe is living a lie, being an influencer is his bread and butter. Even if he is stressed, he has to fake a smile in front of the camera, buy fake followers using crypto and show off a fake fitness routine for running miles in the morning to get the fit body he has.

The movie is a great learning experience for teens and adults alike. It shows how fake social media can be and how they should not follow their favorite influencers blindly. While most of the followers are bought with the help of crypto, the remaining few are actually being filled by the influencer who is more interested in earning money by partnering with a brand. The director Peter is also the producer and writer of this masterpiece and has very explicitly shown the real raw truth of the life of an influencer.

Fake is the new word of the virtual world. Yes, the virtual world is capturing the essence of the real world, but the director shows that everything is fake and built up just to make a sale or increase one’s popularity. The director uses his creativity and intellect to write the dialogue and ensures that the character enacts the perfect version that shows off the fear, frustration and anger of an influencer who is going down. So, the next time you go online and find an influencer smiling and recommending a brand, Joe’s story will surely come to your mind – the freaky fitness influencer who might have had a fit body, but was mentally sad and monetarily broke trying to make ends meet yet showing off on social media about his so-called – ‘fun life’ – all that glitters isn’t gold stands true for the virtual world.


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