September 29- October 3, 2021

FDIFF Film Screening Schedule

It is that time of the month again! We are as excited as ever to bring to you our ( mention month) edition of handpicked indie films from around the world. Come join us!
P. S – Do brew your coffee and make your popcorn beforehand, cause you don’t want to take breaks with this month’s lineup.

Breaking & Entering

A young woman’s conflicted life battling multiple addictions and questionable choices culminates with an autopsy-like introspective journey when she finds herself locked in a morgue with the body of a long-lost love.

F*** Child Support

A comedy about a young single Father endures many misfortunate situations to pay his child support, and take care of his children.


Nyota, a 9-year-old girl, is sexually abused in her older sister’s home until she discovers that her husband Kahasha is the executioner


“CRYSTAL THE CREEP”, is a dark comedic and animated show about an unapologetic part-time exorcist (✨light-worker ✨) and full-time cartoonist named Crystal. With the help of her best friend Simon, a full-time entity, they work together to save humanity, barely.

Otherside Paranormal

This is the short story about a woman with an incredible gift to show the souls on the otherside and why we as humans need to understand that what we think we know about death is now debatable.

Hearts Echo

A woman can’t shake the feeling that she is not alone. But is it just a feeling?

Love Conquers…[short film]

A conflicted young man contemplates coming out to his super religious mother, but what happens next is nothing like either of them expects.

Makeover #2dye4 (Teaser)

A once attractive woman grows depressed due to her disfigurements brought about by her many autoimmune disorders.

About to take a drastic turn to solve her problems permanently, albeit very jovially, she’s saved by an unlikely intervention.


The lives of two young adults are changed for the better following sperate incidents involving their parents.

Sree Dancing Through The Season – All Seasons

Sree is a feature length documentary about female empowerment through dance in the immigrant community within North America. Following the stories of four different women in different locations around North America, ‘Sree’ showcases how dance pulls these women away from their isolated and unhappy pasts when they first immigrated and pushes them to a fulfilling future.

W∞ – Heritage of Soul –

This is the small town in Japan called Onomichi.
It is a mysterious town where we could feel the distorted time and space.
Fascinated by this town, we established a small video production company named QOOV.

SILENT LEE in… The Writer!

When you’re trying to write but your face has other ideas…


Four retired mountaineers reminisce and boast about the crippling injuries they sustained attempting to conquer a mythical mountain in their youth. Their nostalgic ramblings turn to horrors as their wounds seek to consume them.

On-Off Licence

From either side of the Brexit divide… two men collide in an intense night of robbery, desperation and fury.