December 26 - December 30, 2022

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It is that time of the month again! We are as excited as ever to bring to you our  September- October edition of handpicked indie films from around the world. Come join us!
P. S – Do brew your coffee and make your popcorn beforehand, cause you don’t want to take breaks with this month’s lineup.

All Jokes aside! – GEORGE ZOUVELOS

This comedy film short ‘Ashes to ashes’ opens with a young man named Scott who is seated in a family room and is waiting to speak to a man, Matthew. For Scott, it is not the curfew his girlfriend Sophia has that’s the issue. It is passing the interview with her dad Matthew who is a tough Detective that has eleven (11) other children that is the true barrier.”


‘Ashes to ashes’ starring George Zouvelos is a short film sitcom/romance about tragic events that happened a year ago, when John had tragically lost the wife he loved dearly from a heart-attack. At the same time Lauren dreadfully lost her husband when he was arguing on his cellphone with his talent manager and walked into the path of an oncoming bus. Each of the deceased were taken to the same funeral home for services at the same time, and later to the crematorium where the funeral home put the wrong names on the funeral urns. 


For more than two hundred years, astronomers have been wondering what asteroids are actually like. They believe that these primitive rocks have been concealing countless secrets for billions of years. From the depths of space to laboratories on Earth, scientists are trying to unlock these secrets. 

Ghost – Charles Billot

I wrote this song from my own ideas of Jesus as he nears death. Something more Last Temptation Of Christ meets Joan
Osborne’s, One Of Us, than the commonly held story. As a child, Christianity was forced upon me. I don’t think I actually ever believed any of it, but was so scared by the ideas of
burning in hell and letting my parents down that I just went along with it. The song was an attempt to process, and to create a version that rang truer to me.

A FISTFUL OF KARMA – Terence  Gross

Il Santuario is a retreat center nestled in the Tuscan hills. Run and staffed by a group of misfits, it hosts groups seeking spiritual growth, weight loss, detox, and escape from reality. Its six hundred-year-old walls bear witness to the entire emotional spectrum from a desire to the insanity that comes with the territory of spiritual seeking.

Meena – Kalyan Mantri

Meena is a story about an young Indian girl born and brought up in the United States but has deep respect toward her culture and traditions. However, she had to fight to save her self identity.

Shirin Ebadi: Until We Are Free – Dawn Gifford Engle

The first Muslim woman to ever receive the Nobel Peace Prize, Shirin Ebadi has inspired millions around the globe through her work as a human rights lawyer defending women and children against a brutal regime in Iran. Now the film, Until We Are Free, tells her story of courage and defiance in the face of a government out to destroy her, her family, and her mission: to bring justice to the people and the country she loves.

Kitman – Max Hofer

Curiosity kills when a world-renowned hitman faces his greatest adversary yet.

Cosmic Echoes – John Leslie Hulcombe

Cosmic Echoes is a celestial journey powered by stunning visuals and stellar guitar riffs. Both capture the grandeur and vast expanse of a beautiful universe that has infinite wonders to explore.

Visithiran – M Padmakumar

Following the death of his ex-wife, a retired police officer, who is known for his investigative prowess, unexpectedly gets pulled into a criminal case involving organ harvesting.

Stocking Killer – Danny Malin

In a fictional role-playing game, a player is abducted for real. Mastermind Jack Tresmen, must solve the case or go away for manslaughter

Actresses’ Diary – HeaYoun LEE

Six actresses gathered for one dream.
They are preparing hard to make a good work today.
But suddenly an idea occurred to me.
Usually, actors’ names are really cool, right?
I think I need a stage name suitable for an actor.

But there are so many pretty stage names I want to do!

The Chronicles of Eridul – Daniel Nichols

The Chronicles of Eridul is a multi-season epic that blends the real and the fantastic in a magical and dramatic adventure that is sure to delight fans of all ages. The Chronicles of Eridul is presented in a narrative story format with full effects, score and voice acting to create a multi-dimensional listening experience.

MBUTIK – Rizal Wimba

Mbutik is a general term for the people of Brebes when referring to women farm laborers while working after the onion harvest Rara (19 years old) a girl finally chose to become a Mbutik in order to get money to buy a cellphone, in order to help her parents to sell their crops online, because the price of onions did not improve due to middlemen and onion mafia.


A Documentary about the mentally ill, drug-addicted, and homeless. How they got there and what trauma they’ve endured. Also how Covid-19 has effected them.

Catharsis – Prakhar Gautam

An avant-garde take on the minds of two writers who use their internal sufferings to create art and feel better.

Dancing On Thought -Mikael Svante Marklund

As a story being told from the perspective of dance, this self made documentary takes the form of a book/letter written to my mother who died of cancer in 2018.

Santa Guerra – Samantha Casella

A woman falls down into a timeless place where her subconscious tries to process the trauma that crushes her. While a part of herself is stucked in a ghostly mansion and her double wanders in an ancestral place, the woman will reach a painful awareness.


KUCH KUCH FILM JAISI – Anindgita Dasgupta

Kuch Kuch Film Jaisi is a contemporary web series in the Bengali language. This is new media content that has 14 episodes. The total watch time is 4 hrs 40 min 32 sec. However, for festival purposes, As a pilot to the whole series, three episodes covering one out of the four stories namely episodes 6,7, and 8 are showcased here of duration 1 hr 05 minutes 30-sec duration.

Honeybee – Jose Pixels Cuello

Bee-bamboozled? Dedicated to #savethebees and #humanrights
Bees and other pollinators are declining in abundance in many parts of the world. “Honeybee” is dedicated to the proliferation of bees and informing people how essential they are to the entire food chain. Honey, saving the bees can save our planet!

The Party – Kevin Stevenson

On the Friday night before Christmas, a sleepy beach town is shaken by a series of events that will lead a group of friends to a party to remember.

The Fantastic Flying Competition – John Croezen

Welcome to the Fantastic Flying Competition for birds!

The countdown begins and the birds line up for the annual Fantastic Flying Competition, but one by one each team runs into trouble . . .
The flamingos are stuck! The hawks are out of control! Can anybody beat the chickens?
Hijinks and fowl-play abound in this dazzling picture book, where only the reader can judge who the real winner is.
three . . .
two . . .

The Missing Weeks -Ali Diab

Neuf, a mother of triplets (two boys and one girl) born prematurely on the 26th week, lived a bitter and challenging experience for 12 weeks in the hospital with her premature babies. She overcame all health, psychological, and social obstacles. Today, two years later, she has become a role model and is an activist on social media conveying her experience to other mothers.

The Curious Mime -Sparsh Batra

The Curious Mime is a VR experience that takes you to the center of a stage for a short but enticing encounter with a mime and an enemy turned friend.