March 16 - March 19 , 2023

Dates and Category

Dates & Deadlines


Best Narrative Feature

This category includes all the narrative feature films with a running time of 1-3 hours. Films with prominent character development will fit into this category.

Best Short Film

All the short films with a running time of 30-50 minutes fits into the category. This category applies to all kinds of short films including the experimental one.

Best LGBTQ+ Narrative

LGBTQ narrative films fits into this category. The films can or can not be directed by a member of LGBTQ community. Both feature and short films fit into the category.

Best Documentary Film

All the films with a documentary format applies to this category. Both feature films and short documentaries are featured under this category.

First Time Filmmaker

This category is for experimental filmmakers, Student films can also be a part of this category.

Best Short Script

Scripts with less than 40 pages fit into this category. The reading time must be between 30-40 minutes

Best Feature Script

Feature-length film scripts belong to this category where Scripts with more than 40 pages of limit can be submitted.

Best Music Video

Music videos with a running time of 5-10 minutes fit this category. The language is not a barrier if you have a clear subtitle.

Best Show Reel

This category specially features showreels. Showreels are accepted under this category with a running time of 30-40 minutes.

Best Stage Play

The footage of stage play is accepted under this category. The footage can be a full-length one or fragmentary.

Best Science Fiction

All the films related to scientific innovations are parts of this category. If the plot has anything related to science, this category includes them.

Best Animated Film

The animated film has this special category for them. Films with a running time of 30 minutes to 1hour 30 minutes fit into the segment.

Best Experimental Film

This category is designed for the auteurs. Student films with 30 minutes to 1 hour running time fits the category as well.

Best Director

Films that have achieved the best director award can be submitted here. Both feature and short films are listed here.

Best Producer

All the films with the best producer award have can be  listed here. The running time of the films differ.

Best Actor

The best actors category has all the films with best actor nominations. Here you can submit feature and short films together.

Best Actress

Films with the best actresses can be listed here with different running times.

Best Supporting Actor

Films with the best supporting actors can be submitted under this category. The films may differ in their language and running time.

Best Supporting Actress

This category is dedicated to the submission of films with best supporting actresses.

Best Editor

Films with the best editor can be specially listed in this category.

Best Cinematographer

The movies that are special in their cinematography section.

with the best cinematographer can be segmented under this category.

Review in Focus

This segment is specially dedicated for reviews. If you want honest reviews for your films, upload them under this category.

Interview in Focus

This category stores the director’s interview.

Best Expert Opinion on Film

The category that features expert’s opinions on any length of films. The films can be both feature length or short.

Feature in Focus

A featured article on the creator or the work produced in our widely read and prestigious online publication- “FOCUS”.

Best Expert Opinion on Screenplay

Here only the expert’s opinion on the screenplay is to be found. The screenplay above 40 minutes can be listed here.

Best Web Series

Small web series with one season is segmented under this category. Upload your web series with a pilot episode.

Best Trailer/Teaser

This section is specially held for movie teasers or trailers. The teaser up to 30 seconds and the trailers up to 2 minutes can be uploaded.

Best Horror Film

Films with a Gothic style or any horror element are to be uploaded here. Both short and feature length horror films are parts of this category.

Best Comedy

This section is specially for comedy movies. Movies with an essence of laughter should be uploaded here. The running time differs from 10 minutes to hours.

Best Action

This category is only for action movies. Upload your movie if every action element is applied. The films differ in their running time.

Best Pilot Script (Web series / TV / Stand up Comedy)

All the pilot Script of the web series must be uploaded here first. If they can draw viewers, their next episodes should be uploaded serially.

Best Original Music

We are looking for innovative original pieces of work across all genres, with a dominant musical soundtrack. FDIFF is only able to select films made with the permission of the music artist whose music is featured. Please provide the name of the music artist and song featured in the film/video.

Best Thriller

Tales of sustained tension, surprise, and a constant sense of impending doom

Best Drama

Judges look for original, infectious plots set in different worlds, with solid characters and crisp dialogue. Genre-benders welcome (e.g., Dramedy, Film Noir, Period, War, Political, Action, Crime, etc.)

Best Romance

Films about love and romance – all genres accepted. See rules for further requirements.

Best Podcast

Create a 1 – 60 minute audio recording that tells a story or explores a topic.

Best Women's Film

Directed by a woman or about women.

Best Student Film

Its purpose is to connect the audiences with the best works of the student and debutant film from all over the world. Student ID is a must.

Best Silent Film

Films up to 180 minutes long in any genre. Films must be silent or without dialogue and able to be screened silently.

Best Fashion Film

Fashion films produced for fashion, luxury, watch and beauty brands, fashion designers and magazines

Best Commercial Film

Films are created with commercialization(Distributor or producer) in mind by an individual or a studio.

Best Instrumental Music

Music that is devoid of a voice track and focuses on the instrumental delicateness of it.

Best Midnight Film

Best Short Documentary

Best Dance

Best Child Actor

Best VR+360° Film

Best Audio Drama

Best Dance Film

Best Single Take

Best Child Actress