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Review | Harley Quinn: Black N’ Blue – Josh David Bennett, Manuel ‘Tony’ Alfonso

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Harley Quinn Black N' Blue



“I knew I needed to find some way to show the world that I’d cut ties with Mr. J for good. Some people have the Eiffel Tower, or Olive Garden. The Joker and I? Our love bloomed in a highly toxic industrial processing plant. And, luckily for me, I have all my best ideas drunk.” – Harley Quinn


Harley Quinn is probably the most popular female comic book character, and she’s casually murderous, joyously sociopathic, and mentally unstable. She used to be a mental-health practitioner, but she violated her Hippocratic Oath after she fell in love with a mass-murdering, deranged patient and embarked on a murderous rampage which would make Bonnie and Clyde cringe.In the 22 years since she first joined our world as a one-off individual in a Batman comic, she’s making this world a better place every once in a while once in a while making this world a better place — but it’s generally by accident and never because of honesty, fairness, and the American Way. 

The movie “Harley Quinn: Black N’ Blue” is a close fan analysis of Harley Queen’s psyche and her relationship dynamics with her toxic lover, Jack Napier aka The Joker and her friend and confidante, Pamela Lillian Isley aka Poison Ivy.

In the film, an emotionally neglected Harley Quinn pursues a brief yet impactful romance with her best friend Poison Ivy behind Joker’s back, but heartbreak ensues soon.

The romance between the two girls took a long time to blossom because Quinn was incapable of leaving the Joker, no matter how oppressive the relationship was. Ivy tried to persuade her that their relationship was just not worth it, but she refused to listen to anything negative about her boyfriend. Even though Harley had doubts, she tried her best to not let her heart sway. Things changed when The Joker intervened and Harley had to put herself through a massive transformation for the sake of love.

The movie is made with love and dedication and it is clearly seen in every scene. The creators have been well invested in the DC universe and that gave them the opportunity to pick out the nuances of the characters and their qualities.

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy have become a canon couple for over a long period of time. Harley and Ivy first met on the 47th instalment of Batman: The Animated Series in 1993. In the episode called Harley and Ivy, the former is involved in a toxic situation with the Joker.

After being cast out of the car by the Joker, Harley planned to steal a jewel from the Gotham Museum in order to demonstrate her worth to the Joker. She met Poison Ivy at the museum, who had come to grab some plant toxins. They had to work together to escape, and they realised they might be the best criminal partners. What they had thought to be a meeting of chances, slowly began to grow as something more significant. “Harley Quinn: Black N’ Blue” has done a commendable job as a fan film.

The cast members have also been perfect for their roles. Brooke Hall has been a perfect choice to play Harleen Quinzel, she brought out all the emotions and insecurities of her character. Ashley Renae Brown was so on point with her portrayal of Ivy. Christian Lora played Joker with such an ease, it was great to see him as the supervillain.

When it comes to Harley, nobody could have predicted she would survive her first appearance, let alone become the main protagonist in a series that regularly tops the best-seller lists. Her real-life path to legend status is unusual and unparalleled in the superhero universe. Yet here she is: Jewish, queer, ethically questionable, deeply flawed, and adored by millions. This movie by Josh David Bennett and Manuel ‘Tony’ Alfonso is a living proof of that love and consideration people have for Harley. The movie shows a humane side of the character and her inner struggles.

The ending of the movie was appropriate and both the revelations that come at the end definitely leave us craving for some more. The Jack Ryder cameo at the end definitely served as the cherry on top! The film was a fantastic experience and it would be interesting to see how they build up Samantha Morato’s Punchline arc.

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