March 16 - March 19 , 2023


More than just a festival

Art, in all forms, inspires us. From the first drawings of the prehistoric man to Artificial Intelligence driven illustrations, the journey of art has been one of curiosity, progress and redemption. The form of cinema is the most impactful of them all. It is only this art-form that has the power to  blend time with space. The real and the imaginary correspond to one another in films. It is only in cinema that we can reflect, introspect and often modify our realities as well as our history. It is a medium to look into our past and our future.

The transnationality of films often translates one civilization to another. Cinema is  a calling card for universal values of humanity.
We are here to celebrate this power of films :  the power to unite, the power to transform and transcend. We are the 4th Dimension Independent  Film Festival!

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Live Screening in Bali, Indonesia and Our Website

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16-03-2024 to 19-03-2024

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4th Dimension Independent Film Festival

Do you remember the first story you ever heard? Was it told by your grandfather on a wintry evening? Or was it your father telling you stories of his childhood? We all have our own stories. But only some have the courage to tell it to the world.

​At the 4th Dimension Independent Film Festival, we celebrate those artists who crawl out of the box that society tries to put them into. Those who dream of adversity can achieve greater things in life. They reinterpret the world around them. They make the mundane intriguing. We believe that a story can make a change, no matter how small. We support those creators who believe in the power of stories, who put everything at risk for the sake of their dreams.

​Submit your work to us and we will take you to the world.

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