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Review | The wheelchair and the trap – Bilal Hussain

fdiff May 03, 2022 3 min read

Bilal Hussain


The wheelchair and the trap is a tale of several tussles. It features a furious display of wits, a belligerent tussle between ideals, an indication of future retribution, of treacherous hearts with mendacious intentions, emotional upheavals and perhaps a cathartic sense of reconciliation. 

The narrative revolves around the characters Michelle Pedersen and Farhad Kazami. The former is a dedicated, diligent, honest and hardworking professional and the latter, a Machiavellian opportunist who is ready to play Judas at any point in time. The actors playing the respective roles, do a splendid job in making the characters appear genuine. They appear true to their written instincts. They play the role of the angel and the devil with an equal amount of honesty. Their approach is without an iota fallacy and full of an opulent amount of candor.

The director displays a charming sense of perspicacity through the storytelling. The thrill and drama in the movie is present in equal proportions. 

Another significant aspect in the film is the presentation of contrasts that are stark and evidently at loggerheads against each other. Michelle Pedersen represents the side of honesty, the light that still burns in human beings. On the contrary, the character of Farhad Kazami represents the side of deception, the darkness that is ready to devour mankind, away from its unique essence.

The director also delves deep into the relationship between Michelle and her mother. They appear distant initially. It is evident that both have a lump in their respective throats. They found it extremely difficult to interact with each other.

An incident orchestrated by Farhad brings them together. They get an opportunity to bridge the gap of grief and anger between themselves. As Michelle’s mother confesses the reason for her prolonged absence from Michelle’s life when she was young, she feels relieved, as if the burden of her purgation has finally been lifted from her shoulders. 

In the story, Farhad devices a plot to get rid of Michelle by mortally wounding her. She is shot several times. However, to the utter disappointment of Farhad, Michelle survives. 

In the final scene of the movie Michelle vows to seek revenge and perhaps ensure that Farhad paid for his deeds. 

The movie provides us with the difference between life and death, between light and darkness, and between greed and humility. As a greedy and power hungry Farhad appears to be climbing the ladder of chaos, Michelle appears to be mending her hidden wounds, never losing sight of her duty. 

It is not another story about the tussle between good and evil. It perhaps is an indicator of the profundity present in goodness and the hollow nature of evil.

 The action sequences are well worked and the course of events find a natural place in the story. The dialogues are well written. They bring out the myriad layers of human beings, their good and their bad, their brutal ambitions and their intimate confessions. 

The movie hits the right pace and never misses the mark. It sustains the suspense and makes one contemplate the meaning of life. If we must run wildly after power or appreciate the plenty we have, appreciate the life we lead.

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