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Review | Rise of the Accenniri part 1 – Charli Brown

fdiff May 03, 2022 3 min read

Rise of the Accenniri


The tussle between good and evil is an eternal one. The trick however remains hidden within the definition of the two terms.

The story revolves around the life of Aita. We are presented with a myriad of phases of her life. The story covers her enlightened and enticing leap from innocence to experience. We discover Aita in various segments of her life. The occurrences around her somehow shape Aita in a certain way. Therefore it can also be described as a tale of becoming. A transformation that is somewhat morbid and deviant. A becoming that would take her into the dark alleys of the unknown. In the course of the narrative, we discover how Aita transgresses herself in order to become a dark force. A force who shall have redemption in her mind and perhaps create havoc by becoming an unstoppable force. 


The character of Aita has been created in the most fascinating manner. A plethora of perspectives would call her a villain while a huge number of people would call her a hero. The magic exists in the way the writer dexterously blurs the line between good and evil, making the act of fathoming evil a tedious one. It was perhaps the original intention of the writer to write a story that shall challenge the age-old binary of good and evil. Keeping the profound tussle in the backdrop,  Charli Brown creates an intriguing and thrilling tale about experiences, contemplations, and realizations.

The characters surrounding Aita both from the realms of the known and the unknown (Cami and Croix along with their respective armies) are well written. They’re constructed with profound layers. Their sense of purpose, their determinations, their human shortcomings, their confusion – everything appears genuine. Their courage and their follies (specifically Itria, Vincentius and Manfredi) appear relatable. Aita and her family’s collective will to survive against invincible forces represent man’s urge to fight against all odds and live to see another day!

Itria and Manfredi love their children, more than their lives. They are ready to protect them at all costs. Manfredi wants to prepare Vincentius for the upcoming fight against Croix and his forces. 

They also prepare Aita to hide in the dark for protecting her from the ‘evil’ Croix. It is in the dark where Aita meets Cami and her army of shadows. It is evident that they want Aita to join them as they believe she is destined to become the Acceneri, a daunting figure tasked with the purpose of redeeming mankind by orchestrating their plummet.

An interesting aspect of the story surrounds the characters of Cami and Croix. Initially, they appear to be representatives of the protector and destroyer respectively. However the binaries begin to dissolve as we proceed through the narrative. Charli Brown adroitly uses postmodern tropes to keep the readers guessing about the nature of the characters in the story. He questions our perceptions of good and evil. Perhaps they are the same, perhaps they have never been away from each other. 

The ending suggests an inquiry about the profound nature of existence, the purpose of mankind, their nefarious deviations, their recklessness and their lack of foresight. These questions enhance the quality of the narrative.

There are socio-political undertones in the story as well. Taking us into the narrative about the oppressor and the oppressed. However, it is also an interesting thriller, a story full of suspense that would be an interesting read for one and all.

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