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Review | The Corona Dialogues – Dylan Brody

fdiff October 29, 2021 2 min read

The Corona Dialogues

“Corona Dialogues” is a different movie in its mood. The movie is a very personal account of two characters Lindsay Grunman and Ellen Grunman played by Kate Orsini and Tovah Feldshuh. This is probably the first movie in the history of the world that has not used a conventional camera. The entire movie is recorded in a zoom meeting. The director wanted to capture the mood of the pandemic when everyone is inside their home and thousands of thoughts are hovering around our minds. “Corona Dialogues” plays on all those soft strings of our brain that have been buried under the stress of daily life. 

Dylan Broodi is undoubtedly an expert in his field. This is a literally 0 budget film and he has been successful in making so without any flaw. The director intended to keep the mood very light. Therefore, he has put casual dialogues in the character’s mouth. Besides, the acting deserves a special mention too. Two actors have been the epitome of simplicity. Their coordination is worth appreciation. After a certain time, you start feeling that these two characters are very known to you. Even, sometimes you may feel that you are those two characters. As the story unfolds, we come to know about their grudges, repentance, and grief. We start relating to them gradually. The way Ellen justified her decisions reflects every woman in the position of a mother. Though Lindsay expressed how difficult it was for her to abide by her mother’s decision, Ellen kept stating her reason. Lindsey’s web series centers around a transgender girl. We all see how Lindey’s mother started accepting things that were not usual in her days. We meet a transformed mother who understands her daughter more than before. The credit of this casual conversation goes to the writing team that consists of Dylan Brody, Kate Orsini, Diane Burroughs, Robyn Heller, and Paul Lander. 

With the gradual unraveling of the story, we discover the characters. They start becoming vulnerable. We encounter the ups and downs of their life. Thus, a zoom meeting becomes a story of everyone’s life, and corona dialogues become a part of our life. Only it would be more relatable if the exuberance had been a little less. The characters seem so well designed that they miss the flow of regular life. Other than this one point, “Corona Dialogue” is a successful experimental film. 

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