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Review | Hick Hottie – Christa Cusack O’Neill

fdiff October 29, 2021 3 min read

Hick Hottie

Hick Hottie is a perfect happy ending where the protagonist single-handedly crosses all the obstacles of her life. The story is more of a portrait of a single girl mother who is all alone in this world full of crowds. Everyone tries to take advantage of the lady. Though she crumbles to the decision of fate at first but rises up again for a robust fight. The screenplay has depicted the story of Tammy and her children beautifully but has some loopholes. To make them neat and perfect these gaps must be bridged.

  1. Tammy’s struggle is seen through her perspective. Some more perspectives would be great and could explore more probability. 
  2. The relationship between Scout and Sam could be more warm and joyful. It would increase the value of the screenplay. 
  3. The character of Daniel has been portrayed in a single shade. Such a simple portrayal of a villain-like character decreases the value of the screenplay.
  4. Side characters like Nancy, Gary would have been given more chances.
  5. The story flows in the same manner from the beginning. A sudden change in the plot seems very unrealistic. 
  6. The interior and exterior descriptions could have been more vivid. The set designers could get a clear idea about the mood of the story. 

Despite these points, there are some things that have been depicted very clearly. Let’s mention them.

  1. The portrait of a single mother has been successful. Tammy represents all single mothers here whose only priority is her children.
  2. The twist at the last whether her dental treatment is done or not keeps a great mystery. Tammy’s one shade of character is never revealed through this twist. 
  3. Danniel’s speech and style match his character perfectly. We encounter such characters in real life. His character is very realistic and true. But, most of the shades are unseen. 
  4. The focus on Tammy’s helplessness and her revival from this state is worth appreciation. Such dramatical depiction is often liked by the audience very much. 
  5. The equation between Gary and Tammy has been shown in a very beautiful manner. This sweet depiction of one-sided love is indeed a rare thing in this screenplay.
  6. The depiction of the landscapes and the farmhouse is so lifelike that anyone can almost visualise them. This place of imagination has been deliberately created by the author. Here, the uniqueness of the plot lies. The author has allowed the audience to imagine and perceive according to their understanding. 

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