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Review | Two Ghosts and a gent – Tyler P. Henry

fdiff March 07, 2022 3 min read

Two Ghosts and a gent
” it is impossible to build one’s own happiness on the unhappiness of others…” Daisaku Ikeda

There is great comfort in redemption, little in the deeds left behind…

Two ghosts and agent is the story of Aleksander, a man who fails to successfully leave his past behind and suffers the mortal consequences of it. From the very beginning of the movie, it is evident that he is stuck in a cesspool with deeds done in his past, getting out of which appears extremely difficult.

In a conversation where Aleksander is involved, we see that the reflection of light on his face assumes the structure of prison. The very conversation is full of tension and evidently, one where Aleksander must concede the possibility of leading a completely free life without the demons of his past taking every second of sleep away from him. 

The movie also refers to the never ending chain of crimes that somehow appear eternal with or without specific criminals. 

A sense of imprisonment evidently chases Aleksander throughout the movie. He can locate it in the desolate setting he is stuck in. 

Aleksander also appears to run away from something. It is as if he is being chased by an invisible monster, perhaps guilt that has very little solace in it to offer him. 

Eventually, one is bound to feel sorry for him as his regrets appear real. There is a commendable sense of acceptance in Aleksander, mixed with an intense fear that makes him run away from himself.

 In the scene where the young boy is given the task of killing someone, he is as nervous as Michael Corleone (Al Pacino) about to commit the act of murder for the first time. 

The grandiloquence of blood spilled for the first time intimidates him like it intimidated Macbeth. Like Macbeth, Aleksander shall sleep no more. 

Little do we know by this time that dark forces are chasing him and that shall see an end to him.

We encounter a young boy who is introduced to a world of abysmal darkness. 

The message is plain and simple. Blood must look for blood. It is a never ending phenomenon. There is no stopping once the grim reaper is on his way. He wouldn’t stop devouring till there’s nothing left on the land. 

The ghosts are not preternatural entities roaming around outside the vision of human beings. They are men like Aleksander who unlike most, chase their own deaths.

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