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Review | The Seige 2 – Mark Lakatos

fdiff June 17, 2022 3 min read

The Seige 2



” The fury of a demon instantly possessed me. I knew myself no longer. My original soul seemed, at once, to take its flight from my body; and a more than fiendish malevolence, gin-nurtured, thrilled every fiber of my frame.”


Edgar Allan Poe


 The movie is a tale of vengeance told in a multi-faceted way gyrating around violence, conspiracies and heartbreaks. 

The movie begins with an unexpected death. The events post the occurrence follows the trail of the initial event. As a bereaved son seeks revenge, a couple of vigilantes find themselves in a labyrinth of chaos leading towards the solitary path of death, a harbinger of total annihilation. 

The place represents uni-dimensional darkness. It is a domain of horrid defeats. Defeats that are often concealed by bloodshed and death. 

It reeks of horror. The horror which is real, is the horror present in mankind to decimate one another. 

The director must be praised for both being ingenious and full of perseverance. The genuinity of the director can be spotted in the impeccable frames, in the flawless way the story has been told, the performances and the total execution. 

There was not a single erroneous take in the direction. 

The story resembles the innumerable feuds shown in several movies and written about in several books.

One of the most potent and omnipresent aspects of the movie comes from the intensity displayed on the screen. Every scene, every frame and every action sequences are intense. 

The drone shots appear different in the movie. The semi-darkness seen indicates a grim perspective about the place and the people inhabiting it. A place where creation is facing defeat all the time. 

The story has themes of violence vengeance and retribution. Every facet offers a debilitating sense of finality. Violence is final, vengeance appears to be final, everything walking towards a moribund. A hell gate of sorts.

The best and most important facet of the movie are the characters.  They are drawn without the binaries of good and evil. They are angry and vengeful. Yet most of them have redemptive traits in them. The conversations are mostly formal and subject specific. The director wants to ensure that the times are serious and there is no room for trivial laughters and nonchalant forgivings. 

The masks suggest appearances. Perhaps the characters are not themselves. Perhaps they are forced to pretend in the dire moments of an emergency. The recurrent appearances of the masks also suggest the trap of forced pretense, when one must become someone completely different from what one is, perhaps for the greater good. 

The flawless screenplay adds to the thrill in the movie. The anticipatory glance of the viewer is fixed on the screen.

The action sequences are well executed. The movements do not look forced and the tireless efforts of the actors are evident.

The technical aspects of the movie represent the cherry on top of a well baked cake. The adroit cinematography, the intense background score everything makes the narrative more compelling. 

The Seige 2 is a must watch for the lovers of action thrillers and cinephiles digging deep for an intense entertainer. 


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