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Review | Jessica Part Two – Bilal Hussain

fdiff November 04, 2022 3 min read

Jessica Part Two



The plot revolves around Jessica who encounters the initial hassles of moving into a new place.  She appears to have bagged the job of a night show host for a television channel named “Esbjerg Metro News”.

 In the movie, we encounter a reclusive Jessica. A person who doesn’t find an ample amount of comfort outdoors.

It seems that Jessica has created a safe space for herself where she doesn’t want to let anyone enter. As she believes that things would inevitably take a turn for the bad and lead toward a sorrowful end.   

She has decided to not be in another relationship. A decision perhaps stemming from her previous sufferings.

However, Jessica did not completely abandon the few friends she has. Camilla, her friend, visits her apartment once every week. 

As human beings end up fathoming very little about life, Jessica meets a young man one day. His name is Markus Andersen. He happens to recognize her and eventually asks her out. Her inhibitions prevent her from nodding in the affirmative. Markus refuses to give up and keeps on persuading Jessica only to be denied all the time. Deep down a part of Jessica wants to give herself a chance. A part of her does like Markus. Nonetheless, a different part tells her that she would end up making a wrong decision yet again. Jessica wants to avoid being hurt this time at all costs. She doesn’t want to become the vulnerable person she was in front of Casper again. For reasons that are understood she finds it extremely difficult to completely trust a non-disabled person. 

    There are a plethora of themes in the movie. The first is the intricate relationship that exists between fear and suffering. Jessica like any other person is afraid of suffering. She wants to run the farthest away from despair. Her fear has made her construct a wall around herself. The trepidation of pain has prevented her from being affectionate towards a stranger or even something as innocuous as having a conversation with them. Jessica’s fear also prevents her from acknowledging her feelings for Markus initially.  For some reason, she is convinced that her vulnerabilities would be taken advantage of. 

Another important theme in the movie that plays a pivotal role is the theme of empathy. Jessica believes the world she inhabits is a ruthless one with very little time for contemplation. It is a battle-hardened world without an ounce of affection for the ones standing a few steps behind. Jessica is not a weak person, however, empathy sometimes is even desired by the strongest soul. It is very difficult to locate empathy in a domain dominated by indifference. Therefore Jessica is partly surprised to find a person like Markus. 

Bilal Hussain does an excellent job as a storyteller. His attempt appears genuine and his intention, honest. The characters are well written and the performances justify them in their vulnerabilities, in their glee and sorrow and eventually in their wholeheartedness. 

The movie works because the story plays a dominant role. It is given a free hand and the rest is for the audience to see. 

The movie is about Jessica and many others who are afraid of giving their lives a second chance. Maybe this time Jessica would find her track a little less hazardous and that is the only thing that we can hope for the others as well.

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