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Review | The Unholy – Evan Spiliotopoulos

fdiff February 10, 2022 2 min read

The Unholy

The unholy meanders around the age-old binary of good and evil and the human folly of misplacing curses for miracles. 

There are three significant characters in the movie: Mary Elnor – a woman executed for practicing witchcraft in the nineteenth century, Gerry Fenn – a reporter working on mysterious occurrences, and Alice Pagett- a deaf girl. 

The story unfolds in three significant parts of varying lengths. The death of Mary Elnor, her history of practicing witchcraft, and her association with Satan (the devil) play a significant part in the movie. 

Alice’s ‘miraculous’ recovery of her voice and a number of mysterious occurences caused by her would raise an eyebrow or two for the strange nature of certain events with or without an apparent instrumental motif.

The third most important part of the movie is the climax depicting the devil’s final attempt to cause total mayhem. 


The movie follows the trajectory of a typical horror movie with a story of erroneous understandings and clueless fanaticism. It also projects Alice as a heroic figure as she must make the most important decision of abandoning the apparent abilities that were given to her as a curse to transfer total control of the world to the devil. There are a few unnerving visuals that might make one feel uncomfortable yet these serve as potent tools to inject fear into the psyche of the audience.

In the domain of misunderstandings, the director believes that words mean very little, almost interchangeable without any hassles. However, the storm brought in by the spirit of Mary causes quite the story invoking a harsh yet necessary awakening.

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