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Analysis | Freud – Marvin Kren

fdiff February 24, 2022 2 min read


Why is Freud worth watching?


” From error to error, one discovers the entire truth.” Sigmund Freud


The Netflix series titled Freud is not a biopic. It doesn’t trace the trajectory of the decorated life of Sigmund Freud. None of his works are mentioned. Neither his concepts nor the controversies surrounding involved are shown throughout the series. However the titles of the episodes are named after the original ideas of the father of psychoanalysis.

Therefore if a curious viewer starts watching Freud with the expectation of knowing more about the great and often criticised thinker, he shall be profusely disappointed. 

The story of Freud surrounds a number of murders and the possibility of ominous practices by an infamous cult, the truth behind which must be unravelled by Sigmund Freud. He finds himself in the middle of an occult conspiracy. The truth he uncovers is an unsettling as the hidden traumas he would take his patients towards. He decides to write a book about the profound revelations he had actively experienced. However, the book is destroyed leaving a sense of incompleteness , a sense of abysmal mystery about Sigmund Freud , the world around him full of totems, mysteries, blood and vengeance. Ella Rumpf and Robert Finster deliver impeccable performances as Fleur Salome and Sigmund Freud respectively. The screenplay is full of elements that would require a willing suspension of disbelief from the viewers. It still appears far fetched at times. There is very little to take for the ardent admirers of Freud however the series can make a decent psychological thriller entwined in myths , lore and magic.

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