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Review | Breath

fdiff April 11, 2023 3 min read

” There is neither created nor destruction, neither destiny nor free will, neither path nor achievement. This is the final truth.” – Ramana Maharshi 


Breath can be referred to as a composition gyrating around a myriad facets. Orchestrated by a melodious tune, Breath takes us to a journey. A journey like no other. It resembles a voyage across time. Oscillating between the contours of space and senses, Breath creates a zone of profound contemplations for the audience. Breath in the movie perhaps refers to something divine, entirely omniscient. Breath that represents life and the Universe that sustains it around all of its opulence.

The colors represent life, they represent love that induces hope in each and every soul. The colors represent mirth in its most innocent form. One can find a fascinating fusion of the home and the world. An individual finds herself amidst abundance. She tends to lose lf in it. She becomes one with nature. Nature has so much to offer that mankind is enticed by it all the time. The self and the eternity playfully tread the domain of the Universe. 

The home and the world find their much longed for abode in the video. It creates a space where the home gleefully meets the myriad forms of the world – the violent, the playful, the tumultuous and the tranquil. 

The visuals appear stunning accompanied by a well composed background score. The background music ties the narrative together. The sound combined with the visuals create an aesthetic atmosphere on the screen. 

The dexterous use of numerous colors enhances the quality of the visuals. The theme of divinity , the breath would remind many of the soul transcending into eternity leaving the body behind, once it has successfully managed to get the better of the various desires that had plagued the consciousness for a long time.

The message about God’s breath reminds many of the inevitability of death. A pause in the eternal dream of God. Breath makes the mortal see life from a different perspective. One where life can be summed up as a perpetual quest to find the ephemeral – the one that can only be seen from the eyes of the soul. 

A traveler seems to have traveled many miles in the video. Through the sands of time and the luminosity of consciousness he unravels himself. A part of that single divine breath.

The movie investigates the plethora of secrets locked in the universe. Secrets known to a few. Breath takes us to a journey full of heightened and enlightening revelations. The enchanting tune reminds one of the transient nature of existence. One where everything disappears into nothingness yet nothing is the most profound and fulfilling experience ever. The director does an impeccable job with the meditative video. Something which would certainly teleport him to a different dimension. The editing, the story , the cinematography manage to hit the right spot in the most splendid fashion. Anaya Kunst creates more than a video. She gives us an experience. An experience that shall not merely enlighten us about various things but also make us more aware of ourselves. 


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