March 16 - March 19 , 2023

Interview | Ascension to Love

fdiff April 11, 2023 3 min read

Anaya Music is a multi award winning artist, (MSc,PhD, PostDoctor) is a timeless composer and ethereal vocalist passionate about elevating the human spirit through the power of music and the universal vibration of love and peace.


Hello Anaya, welcome to Focus! Tell us how your journey began?

Since my childhood I want to do music and videos.I did music since 7 years old in the School band and after that the music academy and few private teachers. The music career had many stages: first was popular music, second was just Newage music and third started music and videos.


How did you come up with Ascension to Love?

It came for me during pandemic phase those last years as a need to elevate the vibration to do the Ascension to love, so humankind needed to make a lot of changes in their lives and a inner journey of love.


Anaya, what does love mean to you?

Love for me in a highly sense is the energy that moves the universe and is all around us. Off course usually people think about romantic love between people. There are many faces of love.


How do you perceive love in your daily life?

In my daily life love as a supreme energy is in movement in all things that I do in a day.


Ascension to Love shows transcendence in a very aesthetic way. It oozes out a calming and healing vibe. How did you visualise your frames initially?

I see almost all images with my creative imagination and I just give form to what I see.But first come the music, second is the script and third are the images.


Life and love are intertwined and codependent on each other. How would you evaluate their importance in the world?

They elevate the sense of life and sharing. In order  to continue living here in Earth is relevant to love and share.


The music video carries a lot of strong visual images. Among them, which one stands out to you the most? Why?

Coming out from the matrix image and time coming through the clocks to reveal the unknown and transcend.


Any work involves a lot of struggle. Would you like to share what troubles you faced while making this music video? And it would be great if you share how you overcame it!

There is no struggle for me. It is a joy to do each video and an enormous amount of transcendence.


Anaya, as an artist and a musician, what kind of music do you want to make.

I already do what I want to do.

How do you think the world can heal? What are the positive forces in nature?

World needs love. And we need to improve our contact with Nature and Mother Earth in order to improve respect, compassion and more love.


It was nice interacting with you Anaya, lastly, I would love to know how is your experience of working with the FDIFF?

It has always been a great pleasure to communicate with you and sn honor to participate in your film festivals. Thank you dear so very much for the opportunity.

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