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The 4th Dimension Film Festival Sizzles in all its glory!

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4th Dimension Film Festival


The film screening for the 4th Dimension Film Festival for the 2022 January – February season was held between 25th March to 30th March this year. This time, the diversity of the moviemakers made the festival a fruitful one. The festival was organized in Paradiso, Bali. The atmosphere was warm and perfect for movie lovers.


“The transnationality of films often translates one civilization to another. Cinema is a calling card for universal values of humanity”, believe that the organizers nurture. The film festival has always appreciated the supremacy of art, in whatever form they might come. This season was a beautiful reflection of that thought. The season witnessed 28 brilliantly made projects over the course of six days, and needless to say, this festival offered a wide range of projects to swoon over.


I started my festival with “A Hopeless Handbook on How to Make an Existential Film“. The title is attention grabbing and the content was fulfilling. Directed by Prakhar Gautam, the movie showcased three stages of despair. Establishing hopelessness, Existential conflict, Become the resolution. The movie shows the angst of the youth and how their thoughts shape their actions. Next up, was “Against Reason” by director duo Kevin and Courtney. The movie shows a sensible interpretation of break up and two ex lovers unfolding the very reason for it. Paige Evans’ portrayal of Anna was so on point.


Ryan G. Kelly’sCameo” offered a noir-thriller take on-screen. The story revolves around a spooky necklace and how it makes people question their reality. Rebecca, tormented and conflicted, was well represented on screen by Sarah Schoofs.


The festival also showcased two brilliantly made music videos. “House of Lies“, written and produced by Elizabeth S Licht explores loneliness and the ties that bind us. “Sunny Cowell: Nothing Else”, presented by TT, Von Lee featuring Mighty Mark is an uplifting cross genre track.


“Jesse Pimpinella: Hot Mess” shows the brilliance of Stand Up Comedy as it tickles our funny bones. Another funny(apparently) project in the festival is “Rumbo: First Pee” by director Lauro Chartrand Devalle. Shot entirely in iPhone 11 pro max, the movie is a beautiful reflection of our society. The satirical elements work a cherry on top. The next watch “Uruguay” by Andrea Simonella evokes a sense of insecurity as it shows how some people take advantage of mentally ill people. The movie touches upon a sensitive issue and ends on a hopeful note. The world deserves to be better. While the movie delivered a serious issue, Terry Mills’s “Beast of Love” shows the troubles of finding love in this age of app romance. Another funny, innovative and refreshing project was the special commercial for Jason Mark. It was short but impactful. Sam Iwata aka Liu’s “Metempsychosis” revolves around reality, past and nightmarish existence and shows the plight of the protagonist well.


Another beautiful project was Nina Petrovic’sAn Apple and Two Cherries” . It shows how women are considered uncouth even though the men in their lives are way worse than them. The narrator wishes for a little freedom that would let her live her dream.


Director Kevin NG’sThe Girl in the Black Coat” deserves special applause for delving deeper into the characters and presenting us a brilliant psychological thriller.


Eric Carosella’sA Tale of Redemption and Regret with Sunny the Heat” is about a former hitman who is refusing to let go of his past glory. “Cinnamon” is a short innovative film that makes the viewers feel interested in the content. 


LY’s “The MovementFrancesca Marchisio” is a beautiful poetic representation of humans and the elements that make the world whole. The well-choreographed and well-coordinated video is soothing to the eye, while the narrative is powerful.


Nya Chambless’Just Believe” shows how children find it tough to set themselves in this shifting world. While Andres Hernandez Covarrubias’ “Gratification” shows the troubles of fatherhood as Alfonso oscillates between his work and his son. Ly’s other project “Plastic Voices” is a profound tale on love and miscommunication. Jeremy Schmidt presents his bloody yet thoughtful “Skin Dinner” to show how rash decisions bring unfortunate moments. 


Igor Checkin’s experimental project “Trio” shows music from three different perspectives and diversity contributes to a uniform journey. The flute, cello and piano create a magical ambiance in the venue. 


James Crang’sThe Magentalman and The Gentlemint ” is as innovative as its name. The animated movie proceeds as our two protagonists look for love and a soulmate to confide in. Megan Phillips’ music heightens the emotions in the film.


Good Morning R.I.P” by Luke Jacunski is a tale of existence and physiological pain as the main character Sky suffers from mental trauma and desperately finds a cure for it. Francisco A Gacuya Jr.’s “Trailer Message” is a short film that creates an ambiance for a quest. Dakota Wortman’s documentary “The History of Bandera pt II” gives us a glimpse of the lives of four men who have lived a life full of adventure. The presentation of the documentary transports us back to Western cowboy movie days and makes us nostalgic.


Apart from these short projects, the festival also hosted three feature-length movies. 


Deborah Hadfield’sWe too Together” is a beautiful love story between Gabriela and Robb and shows how they cross the hurdles together. The movie is also important as it portrays autism and gives a sensible approach to it.


Vengeance Served Cold” is directed by Shaan Davis and written by Jackie White. It is a tale of revenge and vengeance and the director craftily led this project.


The last movie that I watched was “Love and Brotherhood“, a feature film written and directed by Jay Horn. The movie explores interpersonal relationships well and shows how important love and truth are in one’s life.


This season’s festival has been a fulfilling one. The festival had a wide range of brilliant projects to offer to its viewers. The entire event was successfully conducted. The diversity of the movies has been very welcoming.

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