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Interview | Twilight – Anaya Music

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How did you come up with the entire idea? What struck you as particularly interesting in the concept?


“Twilight” is a musical composition showing change in transcending barriers and limitations. Starting with a piano suite it also includes new sounds and new ideas to bring forth the light and the power of changing one’s state of consciousness.

It was created within a trilogy: Forever, Immortal, Twilight. A Saga of Transcendence of the Soul. All my albums are sounds and images from my evolution and transcendence, as well as raising the vibration of the soul, the sensory perception of the universe with its impermanence.


Tell us something about the
title, the specific significance of it.  


“Twilight” is the changing state of perception of day and night, a sun perception of changing sides. Earth has multiple faces and this is one of the faces.


You have dealt with a number of themes here. The theme of Metamorphosis both internal and external is of paramount significance. Tell us something about it. 


“Twilight” offers a lovely impression of the quiet tranquility that comes at the end of each day when daylight is fading but it’s not yet dark and my understanding of the immortality aspect of the soul becomes deeper and deeper.


Talk to us about the technical aspects. Specifically the juxtaposition of computer generated graphics beside real footage. What was the thought behind this?


 To create a mystery atmosphere, and to prepare for the next revelation to come through.


Tell us something about the coming together of the tangible and the metaphysical in the movie. What impact do you think that creates?


An impact of reflection and I tell you why: When my husband passed away I first felt as though I had vanished. I went to listen my own music and then started creating a song completely dedicated to him. I was creating and crying at the same time.

My Need to transcend started with:

My musical career at the age of 7 when I was playing in our high school band. I started composing at the age of 12 Bossa Nova Style popular music.

From 1978 to 1998 I stopped composing and I worked as a consultant and lived abroad for many years.

And for health reasons, as a way to cure myself I bought a keyboard and that’s where Newage and neoclassical music started.

In the meantime, my father died, my mother died, my dogs died and so did my husband.  And I needed healing and transcendence. All those themes are related to this strong need to transcend to the highest vibration of love.


There remains one unifying tune that seems to tie the narrative together. Why do you think the background music had to be very powerful and one that would create a potent impact? 


Music is the emotion of the images. They give life to a dream. Music gives the vibration of the scene and enhances the goal to achieve.


Talk to us about the visuals. The myriad use of colours and specially the preponderance of the colour red. 


The myriad of colours are there to touch peoples chakras and physical/emotional bodies.


What would be your take on the tussle between two sides inside a human being? 


Human beings have many facets. You can keep on gaining openness and length. With each advancement of consciousness, your body achieves increasingly higher levels of alignment and freedom, while you gain greater awareness and connection. To live in harmony with your Soul and including all your bodies and interdimentional fractals is a Path to follow.


There is great synchronicity in the story. As if the beast in every man is aware of rhythm, of symphony and of panache. What would you say about this? 


All aspects are inside. One needs to work on their own fate in order to improve quality of life and Existence. And I mean Existence here on Earth and in millions of other Galaxis.


Talk to us about your perceptions of beauty and chaos. Do you believe they are contraries at all or do they complete each other? 


That depends on the vision angle you are looking at. From Phoenix comes the Light that brings eternity and love to humankind. But it needs to be settled on a solid and integrated basis.


What do you think should be the next step for visual driven cinema? Where do you see it in ten years time? 


For the creators like me, I think it will be much easier to work all together towards the goal to create a better world that will bring people together in peace.

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